Urban Arrow Tender

The biggest e-cargo bike in the Urban Arrow range, the Tender comes in 3 sizes and a range of configurations. For those businesses thinking of moving from a van to a bike for local deliveries, the 3-wheel Tender offers some of the best options on the market.

A Bosch performance motor combined with a 500Wh battery offers reliable day in day out performance. And, if you’re worried a single battery won’t provide the staying power you need, an optional dual battery is also available.

Tender Bike Options

The bike frame itself comes in 3 size variations to offer the best of all worlds in terms of adaptability. Each share the basic 3-wheeled design with a Bosch motor, custom suspension system and Shimano hydraulic disc brakes…

Urban Arrow Tender 100 e-Cargo bike base
Tender 100 (Platform 142 × 95 cm)
Available with a Flatbed base, Pick-up syle cargo box, Passive/Active Coolbox and a lockable 800/1300 litre Parcel Box
Bike Dimensions: W95 × H110 × L271 cm
Weight: 90Kg
Urban Arrow Tender 150 e-Cargo bike chasis
Tender 1500 (Platform 162 × 114 cm)
The mid-range option available with a Flatbed base, 1500 litre Pick-up, and Active or Passive Coolbox or a 1500 litre parcel box
Bike Dimensions: W114 × H110 × L291 cm
Weight: 100Kg
Urban Arrow Tender 2500 e-Cargo bike chahsis
Tender 2500 (Platform 229 × 114 cm)
Large enough to carry two Euro Pallets, available with a double platform base or a 1200 litre Pick-up style cargo box
Bike Dimensions: W114 × H110 × L358 cm
Weight: 100Kg

Tender Cargo Box Options

The Arrow Tender not only comes with a choice of 3 chassis sizes but can also be configured with different cargo box options, including a simple Flat Bed, open-top Pick-Up, a Passive or Active Cool Box and 3 sizes of regular Parcel Boxes, making the Urban Arrow Tender one of the most versatile e-Cargo bike options on the market.

Flat bed cargo bike config
Flat Bed
Pick-up cargo box
Pick Up
Cool Box Cargo Bike
Cool Box
800 litre parcel box
Post & Parcel 800
1300 litre parcel box
Post & Parcel 1300
1500 litre parcel box
Post & Parcel 1500

More info at urbanarrow.com

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