Raleigh Stride 2 Family Cargo Bike

A fun and practical alternative for the school run, shopping trips and everyday short journeys, the Stride 2 is an all-purpose cargo bike with the benefit of electrical motor assistance.

The Enviolo NuVinci Stepless Shifter does away with traditional gearing and will seamlessly auto-change to suit the conditions. In combination with the class-leading Bosch motor this means you can effortlessly move-off from a standing start and keep going without any wobbles and keep going smoothly throughout your journey.

Key Features

  • Bike frame: W78 × H110 × L258 cm
  • Cargo box: W58 × H77 × L99 cm
  • Motor: Bosh Performance CX Cargo Line, 85Nm torque
  • Battery: Bosch 4A, 500Wh
  • Brakes: Hydraulic Magura Disc front and rear
  • Weight: 60 kg


Cycling Weekly said: ‘All riders have loved this bike: the kids loved this bike, the customers love this bike, and the people you ride past loved the bike.’

eBikeTips say: ‘Overall, I really liked the Stride. There is no doubt there are some challenges to using it – like its length and the fact that it’s too wide to get through standard doors – but there is so much to like about it.’

Totally EV say: ‘The Stride 2 isn’t for everyone as many simply won’t have the space in which to securely store it. However, for those households or local businesses that do, it can reduce reliance on a car and offers a practical means of transporting children or goods over small distances…’

Coach said: ‘It’s cheaper, greener, healthier and kids love it – Raleigh’s consumer model could accelerate an e-bike revolution…’

More info at raleigh.co.uk

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