Raleigh Pro Electric Cargo Trike

The Pro Electric offers the stability of a trike combined with a extra-large capacity cargo box and the ease of motor-assist – making this bike the ideal option for scheduled deliveries around town.

The top of the range cargo-bike option from Raleigh, the Pro Electric Cargo Trike gives you everything you need to switch form a small van to a bike with none of the common worries regarding stability an load capacity. The mid-mounted electric motor also ensures you can get going from a standing start with ease and navigate hills and slopes regardless of whether the bike is fully loaded or not.

A step-over frame and fully adjustable seat means this bike is suitable for riders of all shapes and sizes. The side opening cargo box also provides optimum accessibility without compromising load capacity.

Hydraulic brakes also ensure you are in full control, even going downhill fully laden. And, LED lights, front and back, make the bike suitable for use day and night.

Main Features:

  • Bike frame: W87 × H122 × L248 cm
  • Cargo box: W87 × H95 × L107 cm, 900litre, 100kg capacity
  • Battery: 36v, 500Wh
  • Motor: Yamaha 250W, 70NM Torque

More details at raleigh.co.uk

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