Velodrome cycling

Cycling at the Olympic Games

Cycling has been contested at every Olympic Games and, since Chris Boardman’s success at Barcelona in 1992, Britain has had a good deal of success. Read more

Cycling route

Cycling for Fun in Yorkshire

There are over 500 miles of green lanes, bridleways and byways in the Yorkshire Dales and these can be linked in countless ways to provide thrilling rides. Read more

Cycling for fitness

Fitness Facts About Cycling

Studies have shown that regular cycling can reduce the chances of premature death by providing a level of protection against heart disease and other conditions. Read more

Cycling in Scotland

Cycling for Fun in Scotland

Ideal terrain, breathtaking scenery and expertly-designed trails make Scotland one of the world’s leading destinations for mountain bike enthusiasts. Read more

Penmon Wales

Cycling for Fun in Wales

The 1,000 miles of Welsh cycle paths on the National Cycle Network allow riders to explore coastline, valleys, mountains and country parks. Read more

Tonbridge Castle Test

Cycling for Fun in Kent

Kent, the Garden of England, is steeped in history and has cycle routes that take riders past castles, historic houses and ancient churches. Read more

Cycling helmet

All About Bike Week

Bike Week aims to get more people on bikes more often by holding events the length and breadth of the country during a week in June. Read more

By Gun Powder Ma - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

Cycling in the 19th Century

Early in the 19th century, ‘bicycles’ had wooden frames and no pedals, but by the end of the century bikes looked similar to those around today. Read more

Cycle racing

All About Sky Ride

For those who have dreamed of cycling on traffic-free roads in the United Kingdom’s normally congested cities, Sky Ride may provide the answer. Read more

cyclist followed by a dog

Cycling With Your Dog

There are more ways than one to get about town with a dog in tow, so is a lead, carrier or trailer the best option for your pooch? Read more

Cyclist taking a nutritious drink

Nutrition for Cyclists

Eating the right foods at the right times can improve fitness more quickly and cut recovery time, meaning you can get back on your bike sooner. Read more